Commercial Sales

At Parkway Properties, our investors are a valuable part of our team. We communicate with our investors frequently and send out regular financial statements and newsletters on each project. Parkway Properties almost always funds improvements and tenant turnover by internally generated income, or secondarily by banks and lenders.

Reasons to invest in Real Estate:

  1. Commercial real estate provides investors with tangible assets
  2. Real Estate is historically the best asset class for growing wealth
  3. You are able to collect cash each month (rents)
  4. You are able to depreciate your property, thus deducting the income that you pay taxes on by the expenses, including the depreciation
  5. Real Estate, over time, will appreciate.
  6. You can own a property while putting down only 20-40% of the true price of that asset
  7. Your equity will increase each month with each payment on your loan that goes to principal.
  8. Rents typically increase over time and with inflation
  9. The income (rents) pays for property improvements

Reasons to become part of a partnership, or LLC

  1. You are able to own a percentage of a much larger property
  2. The income on larger properties are typically greater than smaller projects and thus your portion of the income each month will be greater
  3. There is little or no risk as a passive investor. As a member of an LLC you are protected by the Operating Agreement of the LLC and the day to day management is done by the professionals
  4. You are able to passively build wealth. Your money goes to work for you, with little effort on your part!
  5. You can drive to “your” shopping center and take your spouse to dinner!

Note that we are also affiliated to P&T law firm located right next door to our offices. This way we can better assist you with any real estate legal needs you might have.